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Electric Guitar Package

Fender is a monumental brand when it comes to all things guitar. There is no end to the number of legendary guitar players who play a Fender Stratocaster. It has an instantly recognizable tone that you have heard on countless hit records. Squire is their budget-friendly product line and owning this kit is the first step to joining the Fender family.

electric guitar package

The Frontman 10G is a great guitar amp with excellent tone and sufficient volume for beginners. The flexible 4-knob EQ panel has master volume, treble, bass, and gain. It also sports a clean/drive attenuator button and power on/off switch with an LED indicator. The aux-in allows you to connect your music-playing device (like a cellphone) to jam with backing tracks or listen to music through the amp. The headphone-in will also come in handy when you want to keep it down. The included accessories such as the gig bag, guitar strap, capo etc are all of above-average quality.

If you have small hands or are looking for an electric guitar starter pack for your child, you can opt for the short-scale version of this product. Left-handed guitarists can opt for the lefty version of this model.

Verdict: This affordable kit can appease all the needs of any student or beginner looking for a complete bundle that has good playability right of out of the box. Also, props to Donner for offering a Left-Handed version for the southpaws, which as any left-handed guitarist will tell you, is rarer than you think.

Similarly, the mini amplifier is meaty and clear. The clean tones sound great and the distortion, though a tad muddy, sounds robust and energetic. It has more power than any student or beginner will need to start playing at home, and the headphone input will come in handy when you want to practice quietly. The guitar and amp combination sounds great right out of the box. The all-black Epiphone gig bag is well-padded and feels durable enough for transport and storage. It may see some wear and tear on the handles with some rough use over time. The other accessories in the bundle like the cable, tuner, strap and plectrums are all standard quality.

The basswood body is covered in an elegant gloss-black finish with ivory white binding on the body contours. The bolt-on maple neck houses a rosewood fretboard with 24 frets with gothic Pearloid inlays. The guitar sounds reasonably good for clean tones but the Diamond Plus Bridge & Neck pickups are on the money when it comes to the gritty and raspy distortion, a step above a Les Paul style humbucker.

The thoughtful inclusion of nitty-gritties is the other reason Schecter made it to the list. The Gig-strap, for example, is a great addition to any guitar strap. It really sits comfortably on the shoulder and takes a lot of weight away from the guitar. Then there is the foldable guitar floor-stand, the spray-polish, and a clip-on tuner w/ 360-degree rotating display. They also offer a 12-pack of guitar picks and a set of high-quality DR LITE strings.

In this post, we look closely at the 5 best beginner electric guitar packages. You will get useful info about the benefits of each model so you are ready to pick the right one for you!

I have played every one of these except the Rogue Rocketeer, but included it after research to bring something different to the table. I have gone through all the tones these guitars(expect Rogue Rocketeer) has to offer and spend hours playing them. Have a look through all the pros and cons of each one to find the best option for you.

Amp performs well with both channels and gives you all that you need from a beginner guitar amp. Some say that the amp has a slight buzzing sound in it. But there is a high chance that the guitar cable is the reason for that.

The Neck of this guitar is a little bit chunkier than other guitars on this post. For riffs and chords, playing is pretty comfortable, but upper free access, especially below the fret 15, is a little bit limited.

The value for the money of this package is really high. You get all that you need. The guitar is easy to play. It looks gorgeous. And all the other parts of the pack handle their jobs. Maybe Epiphone could level up the quality of the tuner, tuners, and cable just a little bit and also make the amp sound a little bit cleaner. Then this would be a real contender for Yamaha and Squier Affinity packs.

Rogue Rocketeer is a good instrument. You can be happy with the guitar and learn to play with it. The amp is also good if you only play with clean and slightly distorted tones. But the amp is pretty much useless if you want to play metal.

But you should note that if you want to play metal and other really highly distorted stuff, this axe is not the best option. If this is the case, I would look for a guitar that has at least 1 humbucker pickup.

This is my opinion the best budget electric guitar beginner pack. The price is definitely not bad, and the guitar sounds great. Amp handles clean and crunch tones well. This pack will definitely get you started.

My opinion is this: as a beginner guitar, the quality is solid. It sometimes has fret buzz and minor finish issues. But the Squier Affinity series is a clear improvement from the Bullet series when it comes to quality.

The guitar is a good all-a-rounder. Squier offers great value for money, the guitar is comfortable and the tones are great. And especially 3-months free Fender Play-lessons is a really nice bonus. This pack is great for jazz, blues, rock, and hard rock.

Epiphone Les Paul is a really good guitar. Comfortable to play, but not the easiest because of limited upper fret access. The amp is just not as good as in Yamaha- and Squier packs. If you want to play metal, this guitar is the best choice from starter in my opinion.

With this pack, you get bang for your buck. The guitar is easy to get started with, the amp provides nice tones, and the 3-months free Fender Play is a nice plus. If you are into funk, jazz, bright blues, or classic rock, this pack is a great choice.

For guitar brands, these starter packs are a way of introducing their products to you. So they make a real effort when crafting these models because they hope that you are going to buy a more expensive model from them in the future.

When you should not buy a guitar package? If you are really serious, have a big budget, and want to pay for the best quality possible. In these cases, you can definitely go and buy a more expensive guitar and gear. You get what you pay for.

Also, if you want to perform, guitar-pack amps are not powerful enough for large spaces. But if you just want to practice and play at home, 10-15W amps are in most cases enough for you(power and loudness-wise). And you can even perform in small places with these started amps, especially with clean tones.

What kind of music do you want to play? Do you want to play with heavy distortion(metal, hard rock), or do you want to play some spanky blues and jazz? Keep the music you love in your mind when picking the right guitar for you.

The Kramer Focus is part of the Kramer Original Collection and is an ideal way to start your Kramer story! Featuring two powerful Kramer Alnico 5 SC-1 single-coil pickups, a Kramer Alnico 5 humbucker, a 5-way pickup selector switch, and a Kramer Traditional tremolo. Available in Red, and Black. This player pack includes everything you need to get started, including an Electar 10W amplifier, a Kramer gig bag, Kramer strap, guitar cable, three guitar picks, and even a clip-on electronic tuner. A battery is not included. To power your Player Pack tuner, you will need a 3-volt (CR2032) battery.

Specifically chosen for its innovation, quality and global impact, Authentic Hendrix LLC began conversations with the Gibson Guitar Corp. in 2008 to develop guitar packages that would serve as a tribute to the musician who many have called the world's greatest guitarist of all time. The effort is also part of preserving his legacy so that generations to come could develop and appreciate his techniques and musicianship. Each guitar will have the Jimi Hendrix signature and logo on it and will come with special added value components only offered with the specific package.

The Jimi Hendrix "Experience" Electric Guitar Package is the ultimate tribute to the greatest guitarist who ever lived. The company has combed over historical details and taken the best from more than 100 years of guitar making so that every guitarist - from the beginner to the seasoned player - can find his or her inner Hendrix with this package. The "Experience" package will come with an official "Jimi Hendrix signature electric guitar" and all the necessary accessories and some fun extras including a Jimi Hendrix Signature "Voodoo Child" amplifier, a Foxey Fuzz pedal, a deluxe padded gig bag, an instructional DVD, an electronic tuner, two guitar cables, a Hendrix inspired strap, three picks and a USB drive containing exclusive Hendrix media content. In addition consumers will receive a Hendrix inspired tie-dyed tee-shirt and bandana. True to its name, this guitar package will give the music enthusiast the ultimate Hendrix experience. MSRP $449.99 USD.

Jimi Hendrix "Signature" Electric Guitar Package: It's been almost 40 years since Jimi Hendrix's death but he has continued to assert his tremendous legacy with the six strings of his guitar. In recordings and film footage, his mesmerizing showmanship lives on. In a fitting tribute to the man who famously played right-handed guitars upside down, Gibson and Authentic Hendrix have announced the Jimi Hendrix Signature Electric Guitar Package.

Designed in close collaboration with Janie Hendrix and Gibson engineers. The package inherited the best features from Jimi's original equipment so that Hendrix fans the world over can enjoy a deluxe guitar package the way Jimi would have liked it. This package comes with a "Jimi Hendrix signature electric guitar and all the necessary accessories, a Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Child amplifier, a deluxe padded gig bag, an instructional DVD, an electronic tuner, a guitar cable, a Hendrix inspired strap, three picks and a USB drive. MSRP $332.99 USD. 041b061a72


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