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[S2E11] How Do You Solve A Problem Like Roberta Fixed

When Cleveland's party is a bust, he heads off to bed leaving Roberta to invite a house full of rowdy partiers (who play music so loud, it makes everything in Cleveland's room jump, and makes Cleveland fall off the bed, jolting him awake to find the partiers) while she uses the cover to sneak off with Diego. Finding Federline crying in the bushes from their breakup, they find the only car they can use to pursue Roberta & Diego is Raymond's old driver's education car, which has a stoned Raymond in the backseat. Meanwhile, Diego's driving scares Roberta who wants out but Diego refuses until after the race which Roberta finds herself in. Directed by Raymond, Cleveland manages to intercept Diego and ejects Raymond who wrecks Diego's car (Raymond then says "I'd like to solve the puzzle, Pat" and passes out, not from the car crash, as he was uninjured, but from having smoked a large amount of marijuana shortly before). Recovering Roberta from the wreck, Cleveland gives credit for driving to Federline letting Roberta make out with him. Rushing home, they clean up the mess from the party before Donna comes home. When Roberta shows a changed attitude towards Donna, Donna starts to doubt her parenting skills for real, until Cleveland tells her of the events of the weekend. Cleveland says the raising teenage girls is hard and they should concentrate on Cleveland Jr. who chooses that moment to walk past naked believing himself to be invisible thanks to Rallo. Cleveland ends the episode by asking why Cleveland Jr. has a C-section scar.

[S2E11] How Do You Solve a Problem Like Roberta




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