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Cassandra Cruz Maid [VERIFIED]

The Andrade family had a prominent role in the early months of the show, but their significance waned quickly. Rosa, a maid to the wealthy Capwell family, was always there for the Capwell kids as a surrogate mother, their real mother (Sophia) presumed to be dead. Ruben worked at the Capwell mansion as well as a gardener; he didn't have much of a role during his short stay on the show. They had four children: daughters Gabriela, Olivia, Santana, and son Danny. Ruben's last appearance on-screen was in 1985; Rosa continued to mention Ruben, apparently still working on the Capwell grounds, until she stopped appearing as well, in 1987, having remained around as long as daughter Santana was involved in the storyline. Rosa finally reappeared in 1991 (as did Santana), as a love interest for Rafael Castillo; Ruben was not mentioned at that time other than her brief explanation that he had abandoned her.

cassandra cruz maid

Rafael Castillo, the father who gave up Cruz, Ric and Carmen years ago, found his way back to Santa Barbara in the middle of 1989. Cruz, Eden and Ric Castillo found him working as a prisoner of a magician in Mexico, and set out to save him. Ric killed the evil magician in order to save his father. Keen on making things right with Cruz and Ric, Rafael started a completely different life in Santa Barbara. Rafael left town after less than a year. In 1991, he found his way back to town, this time with a different storyline. Rafael had started a relationship with Rosa Andrade, a maid of the wealthy Capwell family. In 1992, he revealed that he had an illegitimate son, Rafe Castillo, who also came to Santa Barbara. They worked on building a relationship, but Rafael then disappeared from the canvas in September 1992. 041b061a72


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