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Georgina Mature Model

Back at work, I continued to survey the mature head of section as often as I could, and I knew that she would innocently put on a display for me, if the situation lent itself. One afternoon, there were only 3 of us there, and Georgina and Kathy, the eldest in our section, were discussing some local chap who had got into trouble with the law for taking photos of young girls. Georgina seemed to revel in the scandal, and I just watched and listened as I carried on with the invoices.

georgina mature model

'Well, you have a lovely figure, and you're not short at all, are you? I just thought that you might have done some modelling at some time.' She gave me another lovely grin, and passed me with the mugs, leading us back into the lounge diner. I sat at the table and watched her sink into the soft sofa, hoping to get another look at those wonderful thighs as she sat down. Sure enough, the black dress slid up, and more and more of Georgina's legs came into view. 'I'm sorry if asking you was rude, Mrs Lent'

'They are sexy, Georgina, really attractive. Your whole figure is very shapely, in fact. That's why I asked if you had ever modelled. You shouldn't be coy about it. The other women in the section think you're still attractive, as well,' I lied. ( they thought she was a dragon, and would never say anything complimentary, even behind her back). Georgina was getting excited now, and warmed to the topic. Someone had come along, me, and was throwing compliments at her, about her figure, like confetti at a wedding, and it was a young teenager doing it, to boot! She loved it, and I had obviously brought a bit of warmth to the start of a weekend that was going to be dreary, uneventful and drab, probably, for Georgina Lent.

'Who'd want me to model for them, Paul, an old 51 year old, who was past her prime?' She still held her palms at the hem of her skirt, allowing me uninterrupted views right up her legs, almost to her stocking tops, and, as always, she tried to give the impression that it was just natural, she wasn't doing it on purpose at all. She carried on.

When I was about 13, my mum decided to enroll me in a modeling school. It probably took some nagging on my part. She did it mainly as a way for me to have some fun, but also to help me feel more comfortable in my skin. At the school they taught us how to apply makeup and walk on a runway. The course culminated in a competition that I won, and that was the beginning of a long career in modeling for me.

The big competition I won in South Africa was called Rooi Rose Supermodel of the Year. It was actually the idea of the owner of the modeling school, Leigh Downing, that I enter. When I entered, I never in a million years thought that I could win it. At just 14 years old, I was the youngest competitor, and then I went on to be the youngest winner of that competition, which was televised live. I won that competition in 1990, and in 1991 I flew home to crown Charlize Theron.

I remember crying my eyes out the night before the finals because I was still battling how to walk in high heels. I spent hours walking up and down the hotel corridors trying to master a walk. I was crowned Supermodel of the Year the next evening.

Results: In this study, we characterized the interaction of G. cichoracearum with Te-0 plants to investigate the basis of this plant resistance. We found that Te-0's incompatibility was not associated with hyper-activation of host inducible defences. Te-0 plants allowed germination of conidia and development of functional haustoria, but could not support the formation of mature conidiophores. Using a suppressive subtractive hybridization technique, we identified plant genes showing differential expression between resistant Te-0 and susceptible Col-0 plants at the fungal pre-conidiation stage.

The dynamics and internal structure of linear sand dunes have been extensively discussed during the past decades. Several examples of this dune type, exceptionally preserved in the geologic record by transgressive events, constitute important hydrocarbon reservoirs (e.g. North Sea and Neuquén basins). Linear sand dunes present, among their constituents, a high proportion of wind-ripple strata, representing lower quality petrophysical properties. In this context, constraints provided by outcrop and modern analogs are of relevance to generate robust facies distribution models for these depositional successions in the subsurface. The preserved eolian bedforms in the upper section of the Lower Troncoso Member (Early Cretaceous), commonly considered of linear type, represent one of the major hydrocarbon reservoirs within the Neuquén oil province of Argentina. The aim of this study is to characterize the sedimentary heterogeneity of the Troncoso linear dunes at multiple scales, combining outcrop and subsurface information, in order to better constrain subsurface detailed models needed for mature fields in their EOR stage of production. Sedimentary logs, panels and virtual outcrop models, built from photogrammetry and total station, provide a wealth of information from laterally and vertically continuous, high-quality outcrops. Core and seismic data were analyzed for the subsurface sector. At the local scale, morphological parameters of the large-scale bedforms and interdunes such as height, width, wavelength and symmetry, were measured in detail, supporting previous classification of these dunes as linear. At the intermediate scale, the arrangement and hierarchy of internal bounding surfaces suggest that the large-scale bedform dynamics were characterized by a strong longitudinal component accompanied by the development of smaller superimposed dunes. Detailed-scale observations provided important insights on the dimensions and relative positions of architectural elements and their control on the distribution of eolian stratification types. As an overall result, facies distribution, dune dimensions and morphological parameters were obtained, representing valuable information for subsurface reservoir characterization and modeling of major reservoir units in Argentina. 041b061a72


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