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Buy Bass Drum

Bass drums come in all shapes and sizes from a huge range of drum-making companies, so finding and testing the right one that will gel with your bands music for your drum kit takes some time. Whether you want something beefy that provides low end in a full band, or something in your kit that provides punch and transients for heavy metal music, you will want a bass drum that will always fit your sound.

buy bass drum

Bass drums, also known as kick drums, differ in many ways, depending on the maker and your playing style as a drummer. Pearl kick drums have very different tonality and kit context than Gretsch or Yamaha bass drums. There are a few things you should consider when you are looking for a new kick.

It is easy to hit a bass with a stick or with a pedal hammer, but learning proper percussion techniques as a drummer takes practice. There are some simple techniques you can learn that will help you sound great when you are playing the drum in combination with snares or cymbals.

The sonic foundation of not only the drum kit but the band at large, the bass drum is a sonic anchor, a low-end essential, and the driving force that gets people on the dance floor. Here on Reverb, you'll find the best deals on new and used bass drums, like hee warm, woody power of the PDP PDCC1426KKNT Concept Maple Classic Series 14x26" or the focused punch of the DW Performance Series 18x22" kick.

Whether you're in search of the right kick for your style, some clutch exercises for new triplet techniques, or how to capture famous drum sounds in your recordings, plenty of info on all things bass drum is available right here on Reverb.

The Bass Drum2 has a unique take on the same concept - 909 based like previously, but with a Trigger/Gate mode. When in Gate Mode - Bass Drum2 reacts to gated signals making it possible to create sustained drum sounds. By modulating the gate length (patch the Gate output of the preferred sequencer into Trigger input and set various gate lengths), you can design unconventional Bass Drum patterns.

Sound absorbing damper for the bass drum was designed specifically to clearly project low frequencies, absorbing and eliminating dirty mid and high frequencies, giving you a tight, focused and powerful tone of the percussion drum.

Compare bass drum styles, sizes, and brands. We stock pipe band bass drums from Andante, British Drum Co., Pearl and Premier, along with all supporting items. We have rigorous in-house quality control, so you get a sparkling drum. We have experience shipping bass drums safely around the control and across the world.

Designed to kick the bass to the next level, the 4055 takes the traditional concept of a kick drum mic and turns it on its head - no more pre-tailored sound - now you can take sound design back into your own hands.What makes the 4055 stand out from the competition is that it delivers the renowned DPA sound, clarity and linear frequency response, both on axis and off axis. Its low frequency response and dynamics are superb and result in a tight, natural, well-defined sound - the best low-end with detailed mids and highs.The 4055 is one of the only kick drum mics that is not sonically pre-tailored to fit a traditional sound in a specific genre. Its performance allows a professional sound designer to create the exact sound s/he is listening for - regardless of the music genre. Want more attack? Slide the 4055 into the bass drum and point it directly at the beater. For a super-low-end sound, place the 4055 at the hole, just on the outside of the front head. Here, the level of sub and lows are represented the most.Not only does the position inside or outside the kick drum give you different sounds but working with the angles of the microphone just outside the hole will deliver nuances of the drum sound. No matter what sound preference you have, the 4055 captures the true sound of a kick drum, whether it is used in classic, jazz, rock or any other genre.The 4055 is placed in a large, robust housing and there is wind damping foam just in front of the capsule, behind the grille. A specially-designed shock mount also suspends the capsule inside the housing to avoid vibrations from the stage. The shock mount together with the extra wind damping ensures that the 4055 captures only the source.The 4055 is easy to position, both inside and outside the drum. Its unique asymmetric design makes it quite easy to place the mic through the drum hole without ripping the front resonator skin.

The 4055 is not limited to the kick drum. It works equally well on other instruments, such as electric guitar cabinets, bass and horns. Its flat frequency response and ability to bring the uncolored sound to the next level works well on many instrument types.

As you might know I have been active as a playing member and instructor for may years at different marching percussion ensemble, marching bands and drumcorps. Besides writing music, developping methods and providing workshops and clinics for these kind of band and ensembles I thinks it's also important to share my knowledge about how instruments can soud good in a new series of blogs. This first blog is about what to look for when you are going to purchase mallets for marching bass drums.

The great thing of the bass drum mallets from Salyers Percussion is that they have a thicker handle than other bass drum mallets. This is done on purpose as a kind of counterweight for the felt head. In this way the stick is in optimal balance while playing.

Do not forget to tape your bass drum mallets as well. Usually snare drum and multi tom sticks are being taped. You can improve the lifespan of your bass drum mallets considerably by taping them, because bass drummers are using rims more and more nowadays this going to be more important.

Got a new resonant bass drum head but unsure how or where to cut the port hole? Want to know what a bass drum hole does? Wondering whether you actually need a bass drum port hole? Your bass drum has a huge impact on your overall sound, and the resonant head contributes a lot to this. Knowing how and where to cut the bass drum port hole is important! Luckily, everything you need to know is right here on the one page.

Unsure of how large to cut the bass drum port hole? 4 to 5 inches is a good size, to easily allow microphones while retaining good bass drum tone. As a guide, follow these points when deciding on a bass drum port hole size:

Tip: Keep the circle you cut out of your bass drum. It can be used as dampening for your snare or toms, like a mini Big Fat Snare Drum. Check out our article on what to do with old drumheads for more uses!

Make sure you reinforce the bass drum hole, to avoid it tearing. Get a bass drum port hole protector (also known as a reinforcement ring), or use thick tape (inside the head) as a bare minimum.

The bass drum pedal is a critical part of any drummer's arsenal. Whereas sticks are an extension of the hands and wrists, a pedal provides a mechanical link between your foot and kick drum. It is therefore essential to be completely comfortable with your pedal.

When musing on the choice of incredible pedals, remember that it's just as important to develop good technique as it is to have a state-of-the-art weapon beneath your foot. Many classic recordings feature inspired bass drum performances from drummers playing pedals which are laughably flimsy by today's standards.

The breadth of choice in bass drum pedals is astonishing, with companies falling over one another to produce lighter, quicker and more durable pedals. Prevailing musical trends mean that most pedals are being designed to be played harder and faster than ever before, with many models bearing names that would be just as appropriate for military hardware.

All of that research should leave you fully clued up but, as ever, when buying new gear you should make sure you try it out before handing over your cash. This is even more true of a bass drum pedal. As we said, this isn't any old hunk of metal, it is an extension of your foot and finding a pedal that works for your style and technique is absolutely key.

Bass Drum O's consist of two plastic rings. One of them sits in the front of the drum head and the other sits on the back. The back part is self-adhesive, but it will also click over the front part that goes through the drum head. Thus, the two rings work as a 'sandwich' around the drum head, and this will give you an incredibly solid hole in your bass drum.

With Bass Drum O's amplifying rings, you'll get the opportunity to style your bass drum. The Bass Drum O's come in a wide selection of colours and sizes. Thus, you can easily choose the number, placement and colours in order to get the result you're looking for.

When you have to make a hole in your bass drum, it's important to choose the right cutting tool. If you make a hole that is not 100% even around the edge, the drum head might actually crack. Therefore, when you have to make a hole in your front bass drum head, you should always use a Bass Drum O's Hole Cutting Tool. You'll find it here.

Please be sure to check out new HeadBuilder tool -- the most advanced and easy-to-use system available for creating graphic bass drumheads. The HeadBuilder not only allows you to upload your own artwork and format it as you see fit, but it also gives you access to more than 150 MILLION high-resolution, royalty-free images through our online image catalog. So, even if you don't have your own logo or artwork, our powerful HeadBuilder lets you search through our catalog to find the perfect image for your custom bass drum head without ever leaving our website. Sweet!

The quality and services was among the best we have ever receivedWhen you deal with customers, you make a promise and deliver on what you promised. well, they delivered at a 110%. The manager from Guitar Center was impressed with the quality of the base drum head. 041b061a72


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