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[S2E23] Carnival

Reese, Malcolm and Dewey tell their parents they will be spending the night at Stevie's house, while Stevie tells his parents he will be staying at their house (Dewey goes because he overheard their plans to go to a carnival and threatened to tell Lois).

[S2E23] Carnival

Hal is in the kitchen trying to fix the toaster, discovering that Dewey's goldfish was the reason it was producing an awful smell. Lois tells him to put on a decent shirt because Stevie's here, he doesn't care. Lois points out that she promised Kitty that she wouldn't scare him off because she likes having a good boy in the house. She mentions that Stevie got the boys to start reading the newspaper. Meanwhile, in the living room, Reese, Stevie and Malcolm are actually looking at an advertisement that's promoting a lingerie sale. When Malcolm turns the page, the boys read about the Tri-County Fair in town, but it's the last weekend for them to attend. Malcolm and Reese both want to go. Malcolm then remembers that they can't ask Lois if they can go to the fair because she thinks that it will result in being banned from attending public places. Stevie comes up with an idea for attending the carnival under the cover of being at his place for a sleepover. Reese likes it and he can convince his parents to allow Steve to spend the night at their place as a double alibi. Reese agrees to the plan. Malcolm asks Lois if they can have a sleepover at Stevie's house. Lois readily agrees.

Malcolm and Reese are hiding behind a port-a-potty to hide from the guard. Malcolm tells Reese that they need to jump the fence and call the police on him. Reese refuses claiming that where they stand is smart and safe. He continues with the possibility of guard being a serial psychopath who has killed and buried a lot of people all over the country, using the fairgrounds as a cover and leaving with it to move onto the next set of victims. Reese lets Malcolm know that he has always tried to be a good brother, admitting that every time he hit Malcolm or broke his belongings, he deserved it and it was fun, be not righteous. They notice someone behind them and freak out. Once they see it's Dewey standing in front of them, Malcolm and Reese are relieved to see him. When they tell him of their plight with Stevie being captured and the guard looking for them, Dewey mentions that his friends can help. His friends turn out to be the carnival freaks lead by Gorak.

The human version of Mrs. Cake appears in Music to My Ears, asking DJ Pon-3 what she would like from Sugarcube Corner. In Perfect Day for Fun, Mr. and Mrs. Cake make a background appearance riding on a ferris wheel at the Canterlot High School carnival. 041b061a72


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