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[S1E9] Acting Up

Humans look down on what they don't understand, and hair triggers leave us acting first and questioning later. Just look at our world in the past six years. Did you ever imagine there would be so much strife within our own borders?

[S1E9] Acting Up

Because the Visions are fighting up in the sky. Ghost Vision is talking about how Wanda must be killed and the other Vision removed. And we are able to track it all outside at SWORD tent, as Jimmy Woo is in custody and the acting director gives him a speech about the ends justify the means.

JackKelly(Bill Baker) startedacting at age two, modeling in soap ads and earning a lifetime supplyof soap for his pay. Heappearedin eight Broadway shows between 1932 and 1965. This is his onlyappearance opposite Lucille Ball. 041b061a72


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