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Caneta Azul: A inspiração, a gravação e a repercussão da música de Manoel Gomes

Caneta Azul: The Viral Song That Made Manoel Gomes Famous

If you are a fan of Brazilian music, you have probably heard of Caneta Azul, the catchy song that became a sensation in 2019. But do you know the story behind this hit? Who is the singer and composer of this song? And what is the meaning of the lyrics? In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Caneta Azul, the viral song that made Manoel Gomes famous.

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What is Caneta Azul and why is it so popular?

Caneta Azul, which means "blue pen" in Portuguese, is a song written and performed by Manoel Gomes, a Brazilian singer from the state of Maranhão. The song tells the story of how he lost his blue pen at school and how he felt sad about it. The song has a simple melody and repetitive chorus, but it also has a humorous and relatable tone that appeals to many people.

The origin and meaning of Caneta Azul

According to Manoel Gomes, he wrote the song based on a real experience that happened to him when he was a student. He said that he used to lose his pens frequently, especially the blue ones, which were his favorite. He said that he felt sorry for losing his pens, because they were expensive and hard to find. He also said that he wanted to express his feelings through music, which is his passion.

The lyrics of Caneta Azul are simple but catchy. They describe how Manoel Gomes lost his blue pen, how he searched for it everywhere, how he asked his classmates if they had seen it, and how he cried for it. He also says that he will buy another blue pen, but he will never forget the one he lost. He repeats the phrase "caneta azul, azul caneta" several times, creating a rhyme and a rhythm that stick in the listener's mind.

The viral impact of Caneta Azul on social media and celebrities

The song became a viral hit in October 2019, when a video of Manoel Gomes singing it was posted on YouTube by a friend. The video quickly gained millions of views, likes, comments, and shares on various platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, WhatsApp, and others. Many people started to make their own versions, parodies, remixes, memes, challenges, dances, and covers of the song, using different styles, languages, instruments, costumes, scenarios, and effects.

The song also caught the attention of many celebrities from Brazil and other countries, who praised or made fun of it. Some of the famous people who sang or mentioned Caneta Azul include Wesley Safadão, Simone Mendes, Tirullipa, Rodrigo Faro, Neymar Jr., Anitta, Luan Santana, Gusttavo Lima, Marília Mendonça, Whindersson Nunes, Carlinhos Maia, Ivete Sang The legal and financial aspects of Caneta Azul

As the song became a phenomenon, Manoel Gomes also faced some legal and financial issues. He had to register his song at the Brazilian Association of Music and Arts (ABRAMUS), which is responsible for collecting and distributing royalties to artists. He also had to hire a lawyer and a manager to help him deal with contracts, proposals, invitations, and lawsuits. He said that he received many offers from record labels, producers, sponsors, and advertisers, but he also had to deal with some people who tried to take advantage of him or claim his rights.

Manoel Gomes said that he earned a lot of money from Caneta Azul, but he did not disclose the exact amount. He said that he used part of his income to help his family, friends, and community. He also said that he invested in his musical career, buying new instruments, equipment, and clothes. He said that he was happy with his success, but he also wanted to keep his humility and simplicity.

Who is Manoel Gomes and how did he become a singer?

Manoel Gomes is a Brazilian singer and composer from the city of Balsas, in the state of Maranhão. He was born on April 8, 1971, and he is the son of farmers. He has six siblings and he is married with two children. He works as a carpenter and a bricklayer, but he also sings at parties, weddings, bars, and churches. He said that he loves music since he was a child and that he learned to play the guitar by himself.

The biography and background of Manoel Gomes

Manoel Gomes grew up in a poor and rural area, where he faced many difficulties and challenges. He said that he had to work hard to help his family and to study. He said that he did not have access to many opportunities or resources, but he always had faith and hope. He said that he was inspired by his parents, who taught him the values of honesty, respect, and gratitude. He also said that he was influenced by his religious beliefs, which gave him strength and guidance.

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Manoel Gomes said that he started to sing when he was seven years old, at his school and church. He said that he enjoyed singing songs from different genres, such as sertanejo, forró, brega, gospel, pop, rock, and others. He said that he composed his first song when he was 15 years old, called "Meu Amor". He said that he wrote many songs over the years, but he did not record or publish them until Caneta Azul became famous. He said that he always dreamed of becoming a professional singer and sharing his music with the world.

The musical influences and style of Manoel Gomes

Manoel Gomes said that he admires many singers and composers from Brazil and other countries, who inspired him to develop his own style. Some of his musical influences include Roberto Carlos, Raul Seixas, Luiz Gonzaga, Chico Buarque, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Elvis Presley, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Madonna, U2 , and others. He said that he likes to mix different elements and influences in his songs, creating a unique and original sound. He said that he sings with emotion and sincerity, expressing his feelings and thoughts. He said that he also uses humor and irony in some of his songs, making fun of himself or of some situations. He said that he wants to make people happy and entertained with his music.

The challenges and opportunities of Manoel Gomes in the music industry

Manoel Gomes said that he faced many challenges and difficulties in his musical career, especially before Caneta Azul became a hit. He said that he did not have much support or recognition from the media, the public, or the music industry. He said that he had to deal with prejudice, discrimination, and rejection from some people who did not value or respect his work. He said that he also had to overcome his own fears, doubts, and insecurities. He said that he never gave up on his dreams, despite the obstacles and hardships.

Manoel Gomes said that he also had many opportunities and achievements in his musical career, especially after Caneta Azul became a hit. He said that he received many invitations and proposals from different media outlets, such as TV shows, radio stations, newspapers, magazines, websites, podcasts, and others. He said that he also performed at many events and venues, such as festivals, concerts, parties, weddings, bars, and churches. He said that he met and collaborated with many artists and celebrities from Brazil and other countries, who praised or supported him. He said that he also gained many fans and followers from different ages, backgrounds, and locations, who admired or loved him.

What is the album Caneta Azul and what are its main songs?

Caneta Azul is not only a song, but also an album by Manoel Gomes. The album was released in November 2019 by the record label Som Livre, which signed Manoel Gomes after his viral success. The album contains 14 songs, including Caneta Azul and other compositions by Manoel Gomes. The album has a variety of genres and themes, such as sertanejo, forró, brega, gospel, pop, rock , and others. The album has a positive and optimistic tone, reflecting the personality and attitude of Manoel Gomes. The album was well received by the critics and the public, who praised the originality and authenticity of Manoel Gomes. The album also sold well, reaching the top positions in the charts and streaming platforms.

The production and release of the album Caneta Azul

The album Caneta Azul was produced by Laércio da Costa, a renowned Brazilian musician and producer, who has worked with many famous artists, such as Ivete Sangalo, Luan Santana, Gusttavo Lima, Marília Mendonça, and others. Laércio da Costa said that he was impressed by the talent and charisma of Manoel Gomes, and that he wanted to help him achieve his potential. He said that he respected the style and preferences of Manoel Gomes, bu


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