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Giant Sand - Returns To Valley Of Rain (2018) [...

1. Death Valley is the lowest point in North America. At 282 feet below sea level, Badwater Basin is a surreal landscape that tricks the senses. What many visitors mistake for snow covering the ground is actually a thick layer of salt on the valley floor. But how did the salt get there? Rain and minerals dissolved from rocks drain to lower elevations. Here, at Badwater Basin, the water forms temporary lakes after heavy storms. As the water evaporates, minerals concentrate until only the salts remain. After thousands of years, enough salts have settled here at the bottom of the continent to create this vast, surreal scene.

Giant Sand - Returns To Valley Of Rain (2018) [...

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One of the most played with toys I can think of have been our stacking cups. Obviously the baby/toddler enjoys playing with these, but I have discovered how the older ones like to play with them in new ways when supposedly helping the younger ones to knock them over when stacked. Trying to balance them when one is turned upside down, playing hide the duplo brick under one and guessing which one, filling one with water or sand and seeing how many of the smaller ones gets filled by the larger one, etc. They have also been used as sand toys to make miniature sand pies stacked on top of each other, etc. I have even had to scrub one to use as a cookie cutter for small cookies!Apart from that, most of our toys don't seem to get played as much by all, except perhaps balls. I am always amazed at the ingenuity of the kids though as everyday objects get used as playthings. The inside tubes of toilet paper are always popular as are the tubes inside wrapping paper. Small boxes of things like builloin are taped and used as storage or building blocks. Tupperware bowls and wooden spoons make great drum sets with wooden spoons as well as stacking toys (sometimes very high if different styles and shapes are used). Our older two children had lots of toys bought for them as toddlers and there seemed to be very little point in buying more as gifts for the younger ones, they just don't wear out. At Christmas it was quite evident that the younger ones weren't interested in how many gifts they got compared to the older ones as the unwrapped giftwrap provided just as much fun as any toy inside!My advice would always be to keep the amount of toys to a minimum. They take up less space and take less time to clean up when there aren't too many. Let the kids improvise with what they can find around their home and see how entertaining an old dish detergent bottle can be in the bath tub, or a colander in the sand.Yes, this warm weather has been lovely and I have been so pleased to see that children are outside enjoying it. We are looking forward to more rain to make puddles to splash in though! 041b061a72


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